a delightfully and resourcefully realized work of environmental theater”
“The whole production is pretty dazzling.”
“a lovely and even magical night at the theatre. A combination of excellent design, wonderful Balkan-inspired music, and physically engaged actors has created a production that has a palpable energy.”
“Pig Iron's “Twelfth Night” is, without doubt, the best production of this play I have ever seen and a textbook example of how to do Shakespeare right…This production is smart, funny, musical, well-paced, superbly acted and meticulously choreographed. Hilarious and even surprisingly poignant at times, it raises the bar on how to tell the stories of Shakespeare to modern audiences without dumbing it down or pretentious concepts or outlandish overdesign and production.”
“Transitions are practically danced. But yet within the score the whole thing retains a looseness. We get beauty and precision without any sacrifice of spontaneity or life. It's a balance many productions struggle with. In Twelfth Night Pig Iron makes it look effortless.
“Pig Iron Theatre's Twelfth Night effortlessly delivers on all of these levels.”
“The fun of the show — and it's great fun, for sure — is that the many different ideas we invest in the meaning of money are constants.”
— WHYY/Newsworks (September 2013) on Pay Up
“one of the most striking pieces of theater you'll ever experience…”