Pig Iron is currently touring the following works from its repertory. Please contact John Frisbee if you would like more information (videos, press packs, technical specifications, etc.)

Chekhov Lizardbrain 2007

A tragicomic rumination on memory, neurobiology, and the impossibility of telling your own story straight.

Pay Up 2006

A site-specific, choose-your-own adventure performance installation about buying and selling everything under the sun.

Hell Meets Henry Halfway 2004

A heady cocktail of florid insults and absurd cruelties dressed in tennis whites.
SWEET BY-AND-BY Main Pic.jpg

Sweet By-and-By 2008

A solo performance piece about the Swedish-American labor organizer and songwriter Joe Hill, developed in collaboration with Sweden’s Teater Slava.

Welcome to Yuba City 2009

A cowboy/clown odyssey presenting hilarious fragments of a mythic American desertscape.
Twelfth Night banner small.jpg

Twelfth Night, or What You Will 2011

Drunks. Mistaken Identities. Tubas. And Shakespeare.

Zero Cost House 2012

A time- and space-bending autobiographical production about drastic relocations, rereading Walden, remaking government, and the freedom and heaviness of that moment when what’s impossible becomes concrete.