An intergalactic gay extravaganza featuring closeted extraterrestrials, high-stakes pursuits and nuns from outer space.
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Things fall apart, sometimes all at once, sometimes with excruciating slowness.
A time- and space-bending autobiographical production about drastic relocations, rereading Walden, remaking government, and the freedom and heaviness of that moment when what’s impossible becomes concrete.
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Drunks. Mistaken Identities. Tubas. And Shakespeare.
A dark fairytale for ages 9 to 90.
A cowboy/clown odyssey presenting hilarious fragments of a mythic American desertscape.
SWEET BY-AND-BY Main Pic.jpg
A solo performance piece about the Swedish-American labor organizer and songwriter Joe Hill, developed in collaboration with Sweden’s Teater Slava.
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A skewed coming-of-age party set in a banquet hall, and a deconstruction and reconstruction of the international culture of “cuteness.”