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31 May 2016
This past weekend, we won a coveted award: The Wow Priset (translation: “wow prize!”). Pictured here in its place of honor in our offices on North 2nd Street, the Wow Priset was hand-carved by Teater Slava’s Daniel Rudholm from a single piece of byörk (Translation: birch). According to the Swedish prize committee, the statuette represents Teater Slava’s feeling of “wow”... READ MORE »
05 May 2016 in Sweet By-and-By
Dito's Extra-Special SWEET BY-AND-BY Recipe Or: HOW DID SOME GUY FROM STOCKHOLM NAMED DANIEL (DAH-nyul) RUDHOLM (RUDE-home) MEET PIG IRON AND MAKE SWEET BY AND BY? By Dito van Reigersberg Originally written Monday, August 25, 2008 Republished in honor of our 20th Anniversary and return visit from our Slava friends. INGREDIENTS One (1) chance encounter, eight years ago, between Slava... READ MORE »
18 Apr 2016 in Cafeteria
We love these old postcards from our 1997 production of CAFETERIA. A note from Dito: We chose the milk carton aesthetic to remind people of their elementary school days and cafeterias because the whole piece was about the American life cycle. We begin in a cafeteria and if we end up in a retirement home, we end in a cafeteria READ MORE »
07 Apr 2016
In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we proudly present a series of throwback images we've dug out of our own archives. Starting with this one of Quinn and Dito, sharing a bed in a tiny apartment while touring internationally. It's the life of a touring artist. A note from Dito: "We did share that bed. During SHUT EYE in Edinburgh... READ MORE »