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Done reading about Ludlam and desperately curious? See his work firsthand in the film Museum of Wax . Still want more? Come see I Promised Myself to Live Faster through May 31st. READ MORE »
To continue the introduction into the life and work of Charles Ludlam, here is an interview conducted by Don Shewey in which Ludlam speaks about some of his own inspirations and aspirations. READ MORE »
What is the Theater of the Ridiculous that Pig Iron is so intent on exploring? Read Ludlam's own manifesto . READ MORE »
Charles Ludlam’s Theater of the Ridiculous both transcended and defined gay, drag, camp, and avant-garde theater from Ludlam’s 1966 debut in New York to his early death of AIDS-related illness in 1987. His work is a foundational influence on Pig Iron, and on this weekend’s I Promised Myself to Live Faster especially. Here is a brief biography of Ludlam’s life... READ MORE »