Meet the Pig Iron Team of I Promised Myself to Live Faster

  • Dito van Reigersberg in Pig Iron's I Promised Myself to Live Faster
  • Michelle Tauber in Pig Iron's I Promised Myself to Live Faster

We unpacking our wigs and disco balls in Louisville, Kentucky where we will perform our next show, I Promised Myself To Live Faster, at Actors Theatre of Louisville's Humana Festival.

As always, we cannot do this without you.

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Now that that's done, we'd like to present two Live Faster Team Members, and let you get acquainted. We asked these smart and talented folks some ridiculous questions to delight you. Again, you're welcome.

Dito van Reigersberg
Pig Iron Founding Artistic Director
Live Faster role: Performer/Creator/Lead Collaborator.
He might play a witch, or a dog, or a space monkey. We really are not allowed to tell you.

  1. If you went to outer space, what would you pack in your suitcase?
    Apples, false eyelashes, PG Wodehouse short stories, a good book of poems, Aretha Franklin's greatest hits....
  2. What songs are in the soundtrack of your life right now?
    Stevie Wonder, Saturn, Erykah Badu, Danger, Tori Amos, Digital Ghost, Patti Labelle or Judy Garland, You'll Never Walk Alone
  3. Who's your hero?
    My parents, Tina Turner, Martha Graham, Caravaggio
  4. What's your best dance move?
    The Pelvic Spasm

Michelle Tauber
Live Faster Role: Performer/creator.
Could play a judge, or the jury or a sunflower, or a movie star. Again, these secrets cannot be revealed.

  1. Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes...
    My favorite pair of shoes were a gold pair of sandals I had as a child that were exactly like my Moms and had painted stones in them and were made from what looked like gold lame and they were thongs and were awesome. I mourn them when summer approaches as they are long gone.
  2. What's your best dance move?
    Time Step in Tap Dancing
  3. Who was your first crush?
    Charlton Heston
  4. What are your top 3 favorite movies?
    "Catch 22", "Palm Beach Story", "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming."

We will bring you more of the Live Faster team in the coming weeks, and we'll be back in Philadelphia at the end of May, when the snow has thawed.
As always, Pig Iron is here (well, in Louisville) for you. 

Please consider supporting Pig Iron today.

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