Videos from the Archive

26 May 2020
  • A vintage TV screen with static. It reads, "PIG IRON VIDEOS FROM THE ARCHIVE."
After many years of keeping videos of old shows under lock and key, in keeping with our credo that the breath in the room is the true heart of the performance works we make, we are making a pivot.
For your summer 2020 viewing pleasure: a collection of Pig Iron works from the archive! Some were shot on an ancient Assyrian format once known as “Mini HD Tape.” In olden days, these were then pressed onto sacred discs called “DVDs” for later use. Later use…like now.
Through the magic of technology, and in keeping with the times, we are going to stream these videos, of works ranging from 2001 to 2019, on the internet. In most cases, each video will be available online on Vimeo for about a week. This page will be updated with links when each video is available to view.
NOTE: We originally planned to host Facebook Live Watch Parties for each video. We planned to stream the performance video, and then the directors and some key collaborators would join for a 30 minute chat to reminisce and answer questions about what the hell we were thinking. We've decided to postpone these watch parties for the time being, but hope to make them happen at a later date.

SUPERTERRANEAN (2019) | 5/29 - 5/31

A large-scale work of visual theatre inspired by urban infrastructure and its push and pull on the human body.

LOVE UNPUNISHED (2006) | 6/1 - 6/3

A dance-theatre contemplation of death and grief, set on the evacuation stairs of the World Trade Center.

(NOTE: SUPERTERRANEAN and LOVE UNPUNISHED will stream on the Segal Center YouTube channel in celebration of Mimi Lien being awarded the 2020 Edwin Booth Award. We will not be hosting watch parties for these videos.)

SHUTEYE (2001) | 6/1 - 6/7 

A tragicomic descent into dreams and sleep, conceived by legendary director Joe Chaikin.

WELCOME TO YUBA CITY (2009) | 6/8 - 6/14 

A dream-America hand-crafted out of tall tales and tinfoil. A cowboy/clown odyssey directed by Quinn Bauriedel.

CAFETERIA (1999) | 6/15 - 6/21 

A wordless pilgrimage through the American life-cycle – Quinn Bauriedel, Suli Holum, and Dito van Reigersberg play 15 parts in a cafeteria that moves from middle school, to corporate, to old folks home.

HELL MEETS HENRY HALFWAY (2004) | 6/22 - 6/28

Adapted from Witold Gombrowicz’s lost novel Possessed, this OBIE-winning production features a heady cocktail of florid insults and absurd cruelties dressed in tennis whites.

CHEKHOV LIZARDBRAIN (2008) | 6/29 - 7/5

A misunderstanding of contemporary neuroscience where Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters becomes a rosetta stone for a lonely botanist. This fragmented mindscape, inspired by Temple Grandin’s Animals in Translation, is directed by Dan Rothenberg, with James Sugg in an OBIE-winning performance in the title role.

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