Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of 99 Breakups

99 Breakups

Things fall apart, sometimes all at once, sometimes with excruciating slowness.
“a delightfully and resourcefully realized work of environmental theater” - The New York Times

A site-specific journey through the intimate moments of erosion. Set amidst The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts' historic building and great collection, 99 Breakups walked viewers through the painful, hilarious, and heart-wrenching moments of breaking apart.

Led by director and Pig Iron co-founder Quinn Bauriedel, 99 Breakups featured a 20 person cast of Pig Iron performer/creators. Created in collaboration with choreographer Dayna Hanson and playwright Kirk Lynn.

Performed at PAFA, 118 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, September 5 – 16, 2014.

Directed by Quinn Bauriedel

Contributing writer: Kirk Lynn

Choreographer: Dayna Hanson

Assistant Choreographer: Andalyn Young

Cast: Aram Aghazarian, Anthony Bowers, Corinna Burns, Sarah Gladwin Camp, Jess Conda, Delia Cowall, Ben Diamond, Amanda Damron, Katie Gould, Olivia Jorgensen, Borbor Kesselly, Jenn Kidwell, Michael LeLand, Justin Rose, Mason Rosenthal, Sarah Sanford, Scott Sheppard, Sam Sherburne, Martha Stuckey, Alice Yorke 


Creative Consultant: Dito van Reigersberg 
Composer: James Sugg 
Lighting Design: Joshua Schulman 
Costume Design: Katherine Fritz 
Sound Design: Patrick Lamborn


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