Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Cankerblossom


A dark fairy tale for ages 9 to 90.
"remember the awesomeness of a refrigerator box? Pig Iron does!” - The Philadelphia Inquirer

A young couple discovers a cardboard baby on their stoop. They grow to love the child, who is completely flat, as their own. Then someone or something takes away the baby to a FlatWorld, a planar landscape populated by characters whimsical, sinister, and flat as pancakes. The couple, both ordinary and round, must enter this two-dimensional world to get their baby back. Can they rescue their adopted child and escape from a parallel universe in which there is up-and-down and side-to-side, but no way out?


Director: Dan Rothenberg

Set DesignMimi Lien 
Lighting Design: James Clotfelter
Sound Design: Nick Kourtides
Rosie Langabeer

Performer/creators: Hinako Arao, Beth Nixon, David Sweeny, and Alex Torra

Animators: Josh Higgason, Mimi Lien, Beth Nixon, Leslie Rogers, Spencer Sheridan

Original Workshop Team: Sarah Chandler, James Clotfelter, Charlotte Ford, Justin Jain, Dave Johnson, Jaamil Kososko, Mimi Lien, Beth Nixon, Kristen Osler, Dan Rothenberg, Geoff Sobelle, James Sugg, Jeff Sugg, Dito van Reigersberg, and Brad Wrenn

Projection Consultants & Instigators: Geoff Sobelle and Jeff Sugg
Rehearsal Assistant: Leslie Berkowitz
Sound Board OP: Mark Kennedy
Video Technician: Spencer Sheridan
Carpenters: Chris Butterfield and Makoto Hirano
Rigger: Paul Sapsis
Scenic Artists: Amanda Newman and Kate Altman
Puppet Consultant: Brad Wrenn
Additional Dramaturgy: Sarah Lowry, Shirley Fishman, Gabriel Green

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