Dito van Reigersberg  in Pig Iron's I Promised Myself to Live Faster

I Promised Myself to Live Faster

An intergalactic gay extravaganza featuring closeted extraterrestrials, high-stakes pursuits and nuns from outer space.

I Promised Myself to Live Faster is an intergalactic gay extravaganza featuring closeted extraterrestrials, high-stakes pursuits, and nuns from outer space. In this wild work, Tim’s out trolling for a good time when an order of intergalactic nuns charge him with a quest: retrieve the Holy Gay Flame from the clutches of the evil emperor to save the race of Homosexuals and restore the balance of power in the universe. But when he’s captured by the fabulously androgynous Ah-Ni, Tim’s chances look bleak. Ridiculous and delirious, this epic extravaganza of allegorical adventure redefines the search for identity for homo sexuals circa 2015. This piece is recommended for mature audiences.

A twisty tale of mayhem and allegorical ridiculousness, Pig Iron Theatre Company sets out to draw, with hot colored markers, a spiritual link between hairy-chested drag queen Martha Graham Cracker (the alter-ego of Pig Iron co-founder Dito van Reigersberg and lead artist for I Promised Myself to Live Faster) and Charles Ludlam, impresario of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company.

I Promised Myself To Live Faster premiered at FringeArts (May 22-31, 2015), and the 39th Annual Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville, Kentucky (March 27 - April 12, 2015). 




Key Artists


Concept and Direction: Dan Rothenberg
Text: Gregory S. Moss and Pig Iron
Co-Director and Creative Producer: Dan Rothenberg

Scenic Design: William Boles
Lighting Design: Ji-youn Chang
Sound Design & Composition: Rob Kaplowitz
Costume Design: Machine Dazzle

Cast: Mikeah Jennings, Jenn Kidwell, Mary McCool, Michele Tauber, Dito van Reigersberg

Technical Director: Rajiv Shah
Assistant Technical Director: Seth Schmitt-Hall

Provocateur: Dito van Reigersberg

Dramaturgy: Eric Hoff, Robert O'Hara
Choreography: Sam Pinkleton
Assistant Director: Olivia Jorgensen
Associate Costume Designer/Costume Supervisor: Jill Keys
Audio Engineer: Chris Sannino
Master Electrician: Melissa Mann


Stage Management Team

Production Stage Manager: K
Stage Manager: E Sara Barnes
Assistant Stage Manager: Anne Ketcham
Production Assistant: Sean Ravitz
Production Manager: Nathan Renner Johnson

Interim Production Manager: Katie Naka
Assistant Production Manager: Jess Feder, Lauren Tracy


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