Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Shut Eye

Shut Eye

A musical investigation of dreams and sleep conceived by Joe Chaikin.
“What is most encouraging and hopeful about this production is the collaboration between a vibrant, company of young actors and one of the country's veteran theatrical innovators.” - American Theatre

SHUT EYE is a comic meditation about dreams, sleep, misunderstanding, and near misses.  It was made in collaboration with legendary theatre director Joseph Chaikin, and is one of Pig Iron's most poetic and intimate works.  A sister visits her brother overnight in the hospital, and when she falls asleep next to him a series of dreams appear and collide with one another.  The piece moves seamlessly between yearning songs, awkward phone calls, and work-anxiety dreams, and climaxes with a Gilbert and Sullivan number.  SHUT EYE has toured to Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre, Teatr Dramatyczny in Poland, and Dance Theatre Workshop in New York City.

SHUT EYE was conceived by Joseph ChaikenPoetic and absurd, Shut Eye counterpoints daring physical feats and ecstatic songs with intimate, small-scale revelations.


Key Artists

Co-Directors: Joseph Chaikin and Dan Rothenberg

Text: Deborah Stein

Set Design: Hiroshi Iwasaki
Assoc. Set Design: Jun Maeda
Lighting Design: John. S. Hoey
Sound Design: Nick P. Rye
Graphic Designer: Bill Lohre
Costume Design: Rosemarie McKelvey
Music: James Sugg
Props Assistants: Craig van Hisan and Meagan Howell

Ensemble: Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel, Cassandra Friend, Suli Holum, Sarah Sanford, Geoff Sobelle, James Sugg, and Dito van Reigersberg

Stage Management Team

Stage Manager: Alexa Torra
Production Manager: Elizabeth Cho
Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Yardney
Managing Director: Lars Jan
Production Assistants: - Tina Gianaris and Stacey Wylie



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  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Shut Eye
  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Shut Eye
  • Joe Chaikin
  • Pig Irons Dan Rothenberg with Joe Chaikin for Shut Eye
  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Shut Eye
  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Shut Eye


5/25/16 in Shut Eye

Looking back on it, I sort of can’t believe it happened.  Joe Chaikin was one of our heros, and his book Presence of the Actor was a kind of bible for me.  His experimental group The Open Theater (1963-73) was one of the templates for Pig Iron.  And somehow, we lured Joe out »