Pig Iron Signals Psychedelic Signals Auxiliary


Hello and welcome to the new homepage for the Pig Iron Psychedelic Signals Auxilliary (PIPSA)!  Many thanks to Pig Iron for hosting us, both on the web and in their lovely studios on North 2nd Street.

After numerous setbacks and false starts, we’re deeply honored to be working with the Dr. Dog Pop Detachment on their signals and transmissions.  Yes, there is a cassette tape, from 2002, and yes, to those of you who have been following this for years, it contains sounds from the Swamp.  We’re proud to have members of Utah State former SigInt faculty, a crackerjack engineering team provided by the Knight Foundation, and consultants from Elon Musk’s Jammers Sequence Program working on this project.  We won’t see a repeat of 2002, I can promise you that.

Ongoing legal wrangling with agents of the National Intelligence Agency prevent us from revealing everything we’ll be exploring in Philly.  But we’ve asked the men and women of Pig Iron to put together some visuals for our presentation at Union Transfer on September 9,10,11 and 12.  We can’t promise full swamp, but with the lunar satellite at its fullest and closest on those dates, and given the fact that Union Transfer is one of 3 possible sites for the Phrases Crash, we think this is our best chance since ’02 for a clear signal.  So, god and L&I willing, we’ve got our permits in place and we can promise you, at the very least, one very good show that night, with transmissions like no one has ever heard before.

OK! I know that’s not totally transparent – we’re still in progress over here, getting used to the facilities and the JSP equipment, but we’re completely pleased to be part of Fringe 2015.  Science and the Arts should be working together a lot more, in our humble opinions.

See you at SWAMP IS ON in September!

Nota Bene: Pig Iron Psychedelic Signals Auxiliary indemnifies the Knight Foundation, the Independence Foundation, and PNC Arts Alive from any and all legal action arising from the transmissions broadcast at SWAMP IS ON.