Teater Sláva

Join us for a performance and workshop with our Swedish colleagues and collaborators Teater Sláva.


Deep under the earth’s surface, at the root of the Life-tree, sits the three Norns of Nordic mythology. They have heavy duties: they keep the roots healthy by covering them with mud from the edge of the well of wisdom. They are eternal yet connected to time by the constant making of their hands. They twine the roots to fine threads.

They twine them, measure them by some random logic, and cut. The life of Gods and men are made like this, some troubled by knots and rough fibre, some smooth. Some are measured short, some long, and not by any good deeds, just by chance. The blade met your thread just now, that’s all. Cut. Next.

This notion of the three mighty women is re-appearing in fairy tales, myths and even in Shakespeare, but how do we understand the ancient imagery today? Are we still questioning the human condition, trying to find meaning in our life and loss? Can the Norns still speak to us?

The three performers in Twine.Measure.Cut. have worked for a long time together in the ensemble. In the process of making this performance we wanted to find a new sound just for us. So we found new songs, and turned to Bulgaria, where there is such a strong tradition of women voices in coral music. We also wanted the ancient language of the nordic countries, not understood by common man anymore, to be heard.

So we invite all members of the audience to decipher this visual concert through their own experience.

By Viktoria Siwek, Elin Tisell, Maria af Klintberg
Director: Micke Klingvall
Room and light design: Daniel Rudholm
Sound design: Lars Brinck
Costume: Maria af Klintberg
Teaterchef: Maria af Klintberg

Saturday, May 21, 4:00pm at Pig Iron Studios, 1417 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia 

Second show added! Sunday, May 22, 2:00pm at Pig Iron Studios. 

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Physical Theatre/Choral Singing workshop with Teater Sláva, Sweden

Pig Iron Theatre Company is happy to announce the return of Teater Sláva to Philadelphia. We met these artists back in 2001 and their distinctive, highly physical training methods have become part of our shows and our pedagogy.  You may remember back in 2008 we co-created SWEET BY-AND-BY with Teater Sláva’s Daniel Rudholm which premiered at Live Arts and continues to tour Scandinavia to this day.

This two-day workshop will be led by three core members of Teater Sláva and will introduce professional actors and singers to the basics of their techniques.  Find new dimensions in your performance work, and plunge into a world of high-energy movement and vocal production, both individually and in ensembles.

Teater Sláva has developed their distinctive working methods over the course of 20 years.  It’s hard work and a lot of fun.

Cost: $150
Times: Saturday May 14, 12-5pm   and Sunday May 15, 12-5pm
RSVP: rsvp@pigiron.org

About Theatre Sláva

Theatre Sláva is a singing , running, traveling and teaching company located in Sweden. Choral singing in harmony conveys the heart and soul of Sláva developed over the course of more than twenty years. But Sláva is also a high-energy physical presence on stage. Devised work is rooted in powerful body and voice training in the ensemble tradition of European total theater, producing performances That are visually striking and poetic. With an associative style of storytelling, a kind of secular rite, Sláva's themes always seem to revolve around the basic matters of life and death. As the ensemble researches The Human Condition. The work reaches out to audiences with bothering beauty and humor. The company offers performances for adults and young audiences aims not only for the mind but for the gut. We offer performances of different sizes, site-specific work, actors' training and visual concerts. teaterslava.org