• Pig Iron and Dr. Dog present SWAMP IS ON

    Pig Iron has joined forces with popular indie psych-pop outfit, Dr. Dog, to create the concert and theatre spectacle, SWAMP IS ON.  The DIY concept-concert features all new music from the band along with a live video feed that provides visual translations of Dr. Dog’s songs and soundscapes.

  • "a Voltron robot of indie art weirdness"
    "this 'experiment and transmission' will mix the theatricality of the performance troupe with the vibe-heavy sounds of Dr. Dog..."

  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of I Promised Myself to Live Faster

    "You could call it an intergalactic, picaresque, fish-out-of-water, buddy story about a reluctant hero who falls through a glory hole and winds up on an Arthurian quest for what amounts to the Gay Holy Grail." 

    Leo Weekly
  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Hell Meets Henry Halfway

    “Absurd, unbalancing and exhilarating, Hell Meets Henry Halfway is a Tilt-a-Whirl of a show that leaves you dizzy and means to.” - The New York Times

  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Chekhov Lizardbrain
    “…hilarious and brilliant…Chekhov Lizardbrain is an astounding piece of theatre.” - Broadwayworld.com
    Broadwayworld.com Review
  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of 99 Breakups

    “a delightfully and resourcefully realized work of environmental theater” - The New York Times

    New York Times Review
  • Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Twelfth Night, Or What You Will

    “a lovely and even magical night at the theatre. A combination of excellent design, wonderful Balkan-inspired music, and physically engaged actors has created a production that has a palpable energy.” - The Huffington Post