FRANKLIN’S SECRET CITY: The Interactive IPhone App

09 Jun 2021

You are invited to the Open Beta of FRANKLIN’S SECRET CITY: An iPhone App-Adventure for two players aged 10-100

June 8-September 22, 2021

You and your partner are the newest recruits to The New Promethean Society, a secret society created to protect some of Benjamin Franklin’s more clandestine - and dangerous - discoveries.  Your task: check out some odd spikes in bioether, a mysterious force that Franklin discovered back in the 1780s, a force that runs through everything and seems to hold the key to a number of strange powers over space and time.  It’s probably nothing -- but sometimes these missions, to make sure bioether doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, can lead you down a twisting path of puzzles and oddities embedded in Philadelphia’s historical relics, as the Society confronts shadowy forces seeking to use bioether for their own ends. 


When and Where to Go: 

Daylight hours, starting at Signer’s Garden, Southeast corner of 5th and Chestnut, Philadelphia.


System Requirements:

BOTH players need an iPhone 6S or newer, running iOS 13 or higher, and headphones.  

(Yes, this is just for iPhones for the time being). 


How to get the app:

Click on this link to sign up. or copy this address into your browser:

Once you fill out the form, you will be able to download the user's manual and get insructions on how to get the app. 

**All particpants should download the user's manual and open the app at home first!**

After the adventure, please fill out this survey!


This project was made possible by

The Independence Foundation; the Library Company; and a generous donation from lead donors Jean and Marc Machiz.  



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