Pig Iron Theatre Company's production of Chekhov Lizardbrain

Chekhov Lizardbrain

An off-kilter, tragicomic blend of 19th-century social realism and contemporary neuroscience based on Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters.
Peculiar, hypnotic and unexpectedly moving… [a] wonderful production… [that] glimmers with a quirky fascination.
A startling, poignant amalgam of Russian tragicomedy and contemporary brain science where a lonely, mildly-autistic botanist conjures up a parade of unsettling and comic recollections in an attempt to shape his fractured memories into a comforting fiction. Chekhov Lizardbrain asked vital questions about basic human experiences.  How do we tame our often-unruly drives and impulses?  How do we make a coherent picture out of our perceptions, when our minds tend toward chaos and entropy?  Is art a viable way of assembling our world into a comprehensible framework, or does it merely externalize the roiling mess within?
Winner of the OBIE Award 2008 (James Sugg), OBIE Award 2010 (James Sugg), and rated by the New York Times as one of the Top 10 Theatre Events in New York 2008.

Key Artists

Artistic Staff

Direction: Dan Rothenberg
Text: Robert Quillen Camp

Set Designer: Anna Kiraly

Costume Design: Olivera Gajic
Lighting Design: James Clotfelter
Sound Design: Nick Kourtides

Ensemble: Quinn Bauriedel, Chad Lindsey, James Sugg, Dito van Reigersberg

Technical Director: Kim Comer
Casting: Judy Henderson, C.S.A.
Properties Design: Rachel Moffat
Assistant Writer/Dramaturg: Josephine Decker
Assistant Director: Alex Torra
Master Electrician: David Todero
Assistant Set Designer: Milena Velis


Production Staff

Stage Manager: Sarah Chandler
Production Manager: Alison Fair Peoples
Assistant Stage Manager: Allison Emmerich
Audio Engineer: Mikaal Sulaiman
Backstage Crew: Melanie Leeds, Paul Blore


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