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Coming in September


Maybe it was on a subway train, or maybe it filtered in through your window on an early-summer night.  

But chances are, sometime recently, you've heard the rising crescendo of a tense conversation turning into a full-blown, world-destroying couples' argument.  A mix of sympathy and voyeuristic desire washes over you; you stand by an open window or sneak a peek out of the corner of your eye.

Is it wrong that you want to watch?

All summer, we will be working on “99 Breakups”, which will highlight the non-ordinariness of life all around us, the intimate stories, the joys and sorrows that walk semi-anonymously up and down the street, day in and day out.  The piece will be a tragicomic look at the way we take in everyday interactions as “theatre.” Witnessing human turmoil allows us vicarious fascination, unexpected moral lessons, and even (sometimes) a shameful and secret sort of comedy.

This piece is allowing us to work with some wonderful artists: Dayna Hanson, formerly of 33 Fainting Spells, will choreograph and help co-create the piece and Kirk Lynn, the lead writing voice from the Rude Mechanicals in Austin, generously provided scenes/prompts from which the piece is built. 

“99 Breakups” Opens on September 5th, at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), as part of the Fringe Festival. Info and tickets, here.