I Promised Myself To Live Faster

I Promised Myself to Live Faster is a wild allegory about gayness in 2015, as told though a ridiculous sci-fi adventure about the battle for the Holy Gay Flame. On the one side is a planet of kindly nuns dedicated to the virgin birthing and protection of Homosexuals, and on the other is “the straightest planet in the known universe,” Argoshaunia, and the evil Bishop there who enlists a hapless gay Earth-man, Tim, to help him win the race to find the Flame.

I Promised Myself to Live Faster is inspired by the life and works of theater legend Charles Ludlam, founder of Greenwich Village's Ridiculous Theatrical Company. Ludlam was known for his wild, absurdist performances that drew upon graphic novels, old movies, Shakespeare, and the operas of Wagner. The sci-fi extravaganza, with its heightened stakes and style that is half-pageant and half-cinematic, will also recycle these old workhorses of plot to tell a breathless new story: the intergalactic story of the Holy Gay Flame. 

Presented at Fringe Arts May 22-30. Tickets on sale now at Fringe Arts.  

Major support for I Promised Myself to Live Faster has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.