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25 Jul 2016
Pig Iron Seeks Singers/Performers for TIMESCALES: A Performance Installation Pig Iron Theatre Company is looking for senior citizens (ages 70 and older) and children (ages 9-12) to appear in TIMESCALES, a performance installation, with singing, at the University of Pennsylvania on October 21 and October 22, 2016. TIMESCALES will be part of Pig Iron’s development process for A Period of... READ MORE »
02 Jun 2016
Pig Iron has embarked on a new chapter of work focusing on collaborations with composers and musicians. We’ve just wrapped up a week of performance research with choristers from The Crossing, musicians from the new Arcana ensemble, and Sweden’s Teater Slava. We’re digging into a new collaboration with composer Troy Herion and designer Mimi Lien entitled A Period of Animate... READ MORE »
31 May 2016
This past weekend, we won a coveted award: The Wow Priset (translation: “wow prize!”). Pictured here in its place of honor in our offices on North 2nd Street, the Wow Priset was hand-carved by Teater Slava’s Daniel Rudholm from a single piece of byörk (Translation: birch). According to the Swedish prize committee, the statuette represents Teater Slava’s feeling of “wow”... READ MORE »
25 May 2016 in Shut Eye
Looking back on it, I sort of can’t believe it happened. Joe Chaikin was one of our heros, and his book Presence of the Actor was a kind of bible for me. His experimental group The Open Theater (1963-73) was one of the templates for Pig Iron. And somehow, we lured Joe out of retirement in the year 2000 to... READ MORE »
05 May 2016 in Sweet By-and-By
Dito's Extra-Special SWEET BY-AND-BY Recipe Or: HOW DID SOME GUY FROM STOCKHOLM NAMED DANIEL (DAH-nyul) RUDHOLM (RUDE-home) MEET PIG IRON AND MAKE SWEET BY AND BY? By Dito van Reigersberg Originally written Monday, August 25, 2008 Republished in honor of our 20th Anniversary and return visit from our Slava friends. INGREDIENTS One (1) chance encounter, eight years ago, between Slava... READ MORE »