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09 Sep 2015 in SWAMP IS ON
Even Nancy Drew and her pals journeyed to the swamp to solve a few mysteries. Nancy is asked to investigate some UFO sightings. She and Ned follow the saucer to Dismal Swamp, where they have hallucinations and retrieve soil polluted by a concentrated acid. Subplot - Nancy meets Old Joe, who asks her to find his father's hidden wallet, containing... READ MORE »
31 Aug 2015 in SWAMP IS ON
  • Minecraft swamp (image source: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/KhxrCgC6UYE/maxresdefault.jpg)
You can make a swamp out of just about anything. Featured image: Minecraft swamp Above image: Lego swamp READ MORE »
24 Aug 2015 in SWAMP IS ON
  • PIPSA Scientists Hard At Work
Video! pic.twitter.com/cPXp40r5xK — Pig Iron Signals Aux (@PIPSA_Aux) August 18, 2015 READ MORE »
17 Aug 2015 in SWAMP IS ON
  • VHS tapes
    Stacks of retro VHS tapes
  • Mix tape
    Your old school mix tape
Are you ready for the journey to the swamp? The concert/experiment will commence in just under a month at Union Transfer and tickets are going fast. Get yours today at Union Transfer and Fringe Arts. If you're joining us on this swamptastic journey, you are encouraged to bring old cassette tapes (the ones they can say goodbye to -- permanently)... READ MORE »
10 Aug 2015 in SWAMP IS ON
SWAMP FACTS: Swamps are in a constant state of transition between land and water. All the coal we've ever used originated from swamps millions of years ago. READ MORE »