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07 Dec 2015 in Gentlemen Volunteers
We've uncovered a plethora of World War I love letters. This one, sent to a lover along with a flower, is definitely worth reading.* 'If prayers will aide and they will God will take care of everything. Of course it is hard to understand this war in regards to the Lord’s will and means of protecting his people - but... READ MORE »
30 Nov 2015 in Gentlemen Volunteers
Atlas Obscura has a nifty article about a Belgian family who have been keeping Hill 62, a WWI bunker, preserved for nearly a century. READ MORE »
25 Nov 2015 in Gentlemen Volunteers
The “Gentlemen Volunteers” was a term coined for the men and women who served with the American Field Service during the First World War. Many of the Gentlemen Volunteers were recent Ivy League graduates. Some joined because they wanted to prove their manhood, but the US hadn’t joined the war. Others desired to do their part, but not be involved... READ MORE »
09 Nov 2015 in Gentlemen Volunteers
World War I was the stage of incredible advancements in battlefield medicine. There’s no better example than the M1917 ambulance. These iconic WWI ambulances were created by the Ford Motor Company, and were built from the Model T chassis. Its top speed was 45mph produced by a 4-cylinder, water-cooled engine. Due to the French ban on foreign nationals in the... READ MORE »